Estrel Berlin #7

When I found this internship listing on the Opportunity Hub platform, I felt like I had discovered the jackpot. As a student studying both German and English at the University, I couldn’t have wished for a better job than English language translations and proofreading in a German speaking environment. It turns out, though, that Berlin has become a lot less German speaking over the past ten years. It’s become such an international hub that one could easily get away with living here for years and never learn a single word of the famously guttural native language. It takes a little initiative, creativity, and bravery, then, to make the German language learning happen.

Technology makes the world difference in accomplishing this task. I have used as a quick and easy way to meet locals and speak German for a period of time longer than my lunch break. I think dating apps could do the same, if I were single. I’ve also joined the Adidas Berlin Runner’s group on Facebook, but this has more international members than local German members. Traditional methods are good, too! I’ve signed up for a local gym membership and attend its fitness classes to make small talk with other German gym-goers. There are many teams, classes, and volunteering opportunities out there to suit everyone’s interests!

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