Mentor #4

Not once in my mind did I think I would have a mentor during this internship. Usually when I had a mentor in the past it was because I was assigned one. So one day as I was on the bus and one of the attorneys who I have never spoken to about things outside of work saw me and sat right next to me. We started to talk about general things. And then what I found to be interesting was he had so much in common. We learned from each other that we were from the same place in Mexico. We both shared similar interests in soccer. And then as the bus ride continued things got more in depth. I began to ask her about the process for becoming an attorney and what is was like going through it. The best part about was she was very open and she gave me so much advice on what to do and the multiple paths to take. I felt like I found someone who would support me. After that day we just started talking more and I got to learn so much about her and she learned so much about me. And I think that is what define a mentor, someone who will push you and help you along the way, someone who has expectations but also cares to give advice. And all in all someone who you are comfortable talking to about situations going on in life.

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