See You Soon Sydney| #6

Today was my last day of my internship at Polished Pixels in Sydney Australia. These past 8 weeks have come and gone faster than any other summer in my life. I remember questioning myself if doing an internship that was not paid very well would be worth it, let alone in another country by myself. Reflecting on it now, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to date. Not only was I able to gain valuable job experience in a closer and fast paced environment, I got to visit another country and immerse myself in their culture. I absolutely loved my job here in Sydney. I got to work alongside a driven individual who works around the clock for his clients, has made some pretty stellar websites in the past, and always has time to tell a funny story or a joke . I learned a lot of different technical skills along the way as well. While I did not necessarily go into extreme depth into things like javascript, HTML, CSS I know how to navigate each and come find solutions in an efficient way. Once the school year starts I’ll be taking classes more focused on web development but for the time being this was a nice introduction on how to explore a platform and come to my own conclusions. I got to run a project by myself and finished everything I could with my scope of knowledge and my boss, along with the clients, noted their pleasure in my work.

On the abroad aspect of interning abroad, I got to explore the crazy island continent that is Australia. Most of my time was spent in Sydney’s Central Business District which gives off serious vibes of New York with a fraction of the people. I spent a weekend in Melbourne, one of the more European cities, that’s what I was told at least, and splurged on delicious food and do not regret a single cent spent. I even got to take a small vacation from work and go to the tropical city of Cairns where their “winter” was a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This was such a packed vacation I barely had a any free time which was amazing. Our first day I went to a wildlife sanctuary and got to touch wallabies, kangaroos, see emus and other exotic  animals in Australia. The following day I snorkelled in the Great Barrier where I had the pleasure of seeing a sea turtle and the scary moment of coming face to face with a reef shark. The end of that week was topped off with some well deserved quiet time on the beach where I got to bronze a little before settling back into my final week of work.

I can soundly say I learned so much this summer about myself, startups, and web designing. In the fall once career fair starts rolling around, I know I’ll have plenty of valuable concepts to mention to potential employers, and with classes I know how to be just a little bit more self driven. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would not have been possible with out LSA’s help so thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Here’s a final pic of me at my desk signing off:

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