What I Realized From My Internship | #5

First things first, I absolutely loved my summer experience working for Michigan Medicine’s HITS. I learned useful skills, ranging from project management to technical writing. In addition to this, I was able to realize what I like and what I don’t like, which helped me organize my life plans for the next few years.

This internship helped me realize that I:

1) cannot stay still in a cubicle

2) cannot maintain a traditional 9-5 schedule

3) cannot go more than 30 minutes without striking up a conversation with someone

Although I loved the work I was doing and the data I got to handle, the corporate american-esque nature of working for a conglomerate was a little overwhelming. This position helped me realize that I do have a future in IT, yet it may be in a different industry or at a different capacity. As I drew closer to the end of my internship, the idea of working for a tech start-up really began to interest me. In a company like this, I will be able to shed a lot of the formalities that a larger company may impose on it’s employees. I think a smaller company like that will provide me with the freedom and social interaction I crave while continuing to challenge my abilities in data analysis and project management. As of now, I really look forward to applying to some tech-start ups and, after 20 years of living here, most likely move out of Michigan!

This internship helped me realize a lot about myself and I am inexplicably excited to see where this road takes me! I cannot wait to use all the skills and lessons I have gained from this summer as I progress into the real world! Here we go!

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