6 – All Done

After 3 months, two different internships, and two different lab groups, my LSA Internship is over for the summer. Yesterday was my very last day of research until the start of September. Working within the Bailey Lab these last few months has been amazing. The techniques, experience, and knowledge I learned working alongside my mentor and labmates is overwhelming.

To finish off my internship, I presented my summer research and future projects to the group. I felt it was a fitting way to end and say goodbye until September.

These last few months have been a lot, with work and all the groups I was a part of. But the experience I gained will be with me for a long time. I would say now is a time for a break, but that is never the case. Leadership retreat for marching band starts today, of course, the day after my last work day. Nothing new I suppose.

I would like to thank LSA for funding me throughout the Spring and Summer. Thank you for allowing me to keep doing what I enjoy; chemistry, research, and the lab space. Until next time!

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