Back Again at ITS | #4

June 29th, 2018

Time has been passing quite quickly! There’s only 5 weeks or so left of the internship program, and it’s still been going well. Along with the Juniper device, we have also acquired some Cisco 4300s, which I have begun to learn to work with. Like Juniper, it runs its own OS, in this case IOS XE, which I’ve had to learn. It has its own ‘app-hosting’ service, in which LXC containers can run after being run through a certain script, provided by Cisco. To make this more efficient, I went ahead and wrote another Ansible script to automate the creation of a Cisco branded LXC container. Using a simple sftp server, I was able to bring the container up on the device, and successfully get everything running. Luckily, the container was able to have network connectivity by default, so the software was able to run at near full potential.

Regarding the Juniper devices, we have had a couple of conference calls with some engineers from the company, trying to resolve the network issues. I found this to be good practice for myself, interacting with another company and finding compromises to meet our needs. Unfortunately, we were not able to solve the issues after the call so the engineers will get back to us at a later date, but the meetings did go well overall.

The cohort project has been going quite smoothly. We’ve finished our initial set of interviews, and have begun actual development on the website. I’ve been enjoying the process, since it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any web development. We did decide to use bootstrap as our main framework, and so far it has been working quite well for us. So far, we’ve been able to finish a few basic pages, which we were able to show at the retreat this Friday. Our project sponsor is really into the project as well, so if all goes well, it looks like we’ll be able to continue working on the project after the program is over!

Regarding fellow stuff, I’ve finished my interview with my leader of choice, which was quite insightful. I’ll be able to incorporate some of those notes into a leadership presentation the fellows will have to do, towards the end of the internship. My learner’s series preparations have also been going well! I’ve decided to do the presentation along with one of the other fellows, so I’ll have some support in that regard. We’ve had a few meetings so far, and things are looking good.

Only a few weeks left, and looking forward to them!

One thought on “Back Again at ITS | #4

  • August 27, 2018 at 10:22 am

    It sounds like you have been learning through a variety of avenues, Ryan. Incorporating the information you learned from your interview into a presentation both helps you solidify and reflect on what you learned from the interview and work on your presentation skills that you’ve talked about!



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