Blog Post #4// Mentor Pt. 2 – Kayleigh


My Boss, Kayleigh.

In my company, there’s two people in charge (3 if you count our office dog, Izze): Brian Bender, and Kayleigh Kay. Kayleigh is a lot for this company: This is her third year working for Brian, as a partner, a DJ, photographer, and much more. However, her journey to getting the role that she has today didn’t start out at the top. Her time with the company very much embodies the definition of working your way up in this industry.

It all started when she shot my Brian’s band, Hot Sauce Committee (a proto to his now project, Boy Band Review). Alongside the video, Brian was also shooting more promotional content to help further promote Doozy to the world. While helping with the setup, she fell in love with the company and texted him the next day begging to be part of Doozy in any way.

Kayleigh is a very talented photographer, with a pretty wide range of experiences. She one time shot Shawn Mendes at a high school, but her favorite shots usually take place in our very own Elbo Room. Every April for the past 3 years, she does a fashion editorial in our venue that’s a really intense rock and roll theme.

Working with Kayleigh is very inspiring and stimulating. She’s very direct, and always willing to help. Earlier in the Summer, there was a technical issue going on with my own camera, and she took the time out of a rather busy workweek to talk to me about it and help rectify it. Even when an intern makes mistakes, she is one to reward a good demeanor and willingness to learn.

Kayleigh’s photography is something I find particularly interesting. She’s done shoots in and out of our office that show bold women, even if they might not feel that way out of the set. One of my personal favourites are her shots of my coworkers for their promotional materials (they’re musicians). Kayleigh and I usually have lively conversations about fashion and photography a lot. Her favorite 3 photographers are Russel James, Julia Kuzmenko, and Brett (Tidy Photography). One important lesson I learned from Kayleigh is on being a photographer. In my formative years, I’ve taken photography apprenticeships, and amassed a collection of cameras that is still growing. My work and training reflect a more artistic sensibility. Hers, on the other hand, reflects a commercial one. While our tastes are different and reflect in our work, Kayleigh’s taught me the importance of balancing pleasure and professionalism into my work, and helped me learn to see the bigger picture (pun intended) in the implications of taking a good photo. I do like taking experimental shots, but I’ve learned from her it’s not the only way to have fun with a camera this Summer.

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