Blog Post #5: Learning New Things

Last time I posted, I was just getting together the pre-production materials together for the Intern Final Project. Now, myself and the other intern have shot and edited the entire thing. I am incredibly thankful for the project, even though it was hard to do in a crunch, because of the experience it gave me in my weaker areas. I had never edited before, so it was all an uphill climb, but there was a huge payoff. It still isn’t professional quality by any means, but we did what we could with no budget and limited time and resources.

I’ve heard from many people out here in LA that offer internships or run a large company, and they have all noted that a final project is not a common practice. I feel really blessed to have been given such a unique opportunity!

Things are coming to a close at Gorilla Flicks, and my supervisor is hooking us up with a lot of cool meetings and connections. For example, I’ve met with a development executive at Comedy Central and an agent at the CAA in Beverly Hills. Both people were super welcoming and willing to answer any question I had for them about what they do and how they got to where they are. As things are wrapping up, I feel that I’ve made good connections with established people in LA, and that makes me feel like I have some kind of security blanket. The biggest thing, though? Wolverines really look out for each other. I didn’t expect to meet that many alumni or fans of Michigan, but I did, and once they know I go here, they’re instantly more willing to help. It’s amazing how far and wide our alumni reaches! Go Blue!

Here’s a link to our intern project:

Veronica Slaven

Junior studying Screen Arts & Cultures interning at Gorilla Flicks in Burbank, CA.

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