Favorite Experience | #6

I absolutely loved every part of my summer experience and I wouldn’t change a single part of it. My favorite part, however, was working on a particular project that tracked the metrics of one of our professional development programs.

My particular department within Michigan Medicine HITS, Education and Training, is responsible for preparing health care providers to use the array of technical softwares and appliances used throughout the hospital. In order to rise ourselves higher, strive for greatness and hold ourselves accountable, we enforced set goals for our office and implemented some initiatives to help us meet those goals. One of those particular initiatives was to increase provider proficiency and efficiency regarding one of our largest, most popular softwares. In order to tackle this initiative, my department introduced a series of “How-To” classes to help health care providers get better acquainted with the software. In order to assess the success of these classes and their impact on the health care providers, we needed to find a way to measure the providers’ performance levels before the class and after the class. This way, we could see the direct impact of our classes.

I was placed on very diverse and talented team to create an automatic process that would measure the impact of our “How-To” courses. There were more moving parts to this project than I ever would have anticipated ranging from class repeaters to brand new providers with no pre-class experience. Although it was super challenging, it was very rewarding to accomplish such a large task and see the positive effect our courses had on each of our health care providers.


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