Initial Experiences #2

Throughout my entire life I have lived in the Philadelphia area. I was raised in the suburbs, went to a high school on the edge of the city, and have been throughout the city innumerable times. In short, my initial expectation of working in Center City, Philadelphia, was that I was already a local who knew the city well, and that there was not much that would surprise me.  From the moment I stepped out of Suburban Station and crossed over Market Street I felt as if I were in a different world. Certainly, Center City life is different from the idyllic suburbs, but the contrast between the two was jarring.

Edge On Demand has its office on Walnut Street, right in the middle of the Center City and Rittenhouse Square areas. For those not familiar with Philadelphia, the portion of Walnut Street that stretches into Rittenhouse Square is Philadelphia’s closest equivalent to New York City’s 5th Avenue. While such a lofty comparison may cause some to scoff, I believe the distinction is warranted. The countless open air restaurants, bars, and designer stores that line the streets surrounding Rittenhouse Square create a picture-perfect summer setting. Getting to work every day in the heart of all the excitement makes the long commute and workday a privilege.

I am sure that as I continue to work and become more acquainted with the city I will discover more perks to city life. Before working at Edge I never considered myself to be a city person. I had always preferred suburban life. After this summer my opinion, and outlook on city life, has certainly changed.

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