Michigan Campaign Work: Blog Post #2

Hello again!

While the beginning of my campaign work has been relatively structured and easy to manage, it has still been a bit difficult to get used to the campaign schedule which changes regularly. New events events tend to arise with a bit of less warning, which is only to be expected since events all across the district can sometimes float under our scheduler’s radar. Since I was trained by the Sierra Club to expect campaigns to not be as structured as 9:00-5:00 work days, I’m definitely needing to adjust to the needs of the campaigns and shift my mindset into being more flexible with my work, which has definitely been a challenge! However, I’ve noticed that the last minute events feel even more fun and rewarding than regular office work, because you can get the opportunity to work closely with the candidate and be on the front lines for getting the public involved. As for office tasks, my supervisors tend to be very flexible in finding new things for me to do, because there always seems to be databases that need to be organized, or contacts to be made, or any papers to be filed.

Today I walked in the parade with other volunteers of the campaign, which was an interesting experience! Having marched in parades in the band for high school, it was a change in perspective to be in a parade for politics instead of music. For example, the reactions of the crowd were very different because they showed both disapproval and support throughout the parade, which wasn’t the same compared to what I was used to! After the parade, we returned to the field office and worked even more to ensure a high turnout of supporters at future fundraising events. Needless to say, it was a very long day, but it was all for the sake of benefitting my candidate and improving her chances of winning. I look forward to learning more from working on the campaign and hope that my candidates will win!


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