Michigan Campaign Work: Blog Post #4

Hello once again!

This week things have started to get a bit more comfortable at the Lasinski campaign, and much busier at the Driskell campaign! I have been broadening my horizons on both campaigns and it’s been fun to learn how my skills in writing have played a large part on the Lasinski campaign while door-knocking skills are more important for the Driskell campaign. I’ve been able to see the progress in the work that I do and I’m feeling an even bigger sense of belonging the more I learn about my coworkers. The more I’m in the office, the more chances I have to learn a new skill on voter outreach, which I’ve found super enjoyable and exciting to have more work to do! Social media for a public official has been a new skill I’ve been learning, and it’s been very unique compared to my personal, dorky social media posts. Either way, being asked to make tweets from the account really shows how the campaigns are trusting my responsibility and it feels good to be valued that way!

Canvassing for both the campaigns is definitely exciting but also very tiring. I’ve been enjoying walking in the more rural parts of Michigan since it lets me step away from the buzz of activity in the Ann Arbor area, and walking in the districts has shown me how different each city is compared to the others. While some interactions at the doors can be unsettling, they’ve definitely helped me figure out how to answer questions and learn more details about my candidates. I think this also prepares me for talking with others that aren’t involved in politics, because it reminds me that the best way to engage with others about political topics is to be very well-informed and empathetic if someone doesn’t understand. I can’t wait to practice this more later on when I’m not working on campaigns, because this kind of patience is always going to be important!


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