Michigan Campaign Work: Blog Post #5

Back again, and things are heating up!

Nine days until the Michigan primary election and things on the campaigns are starting to get super crazy. I’m going to be having my first GOTV and I’m both nervous and excited. If you don’t know, GOTV stands for Get Out The Vote and essentially it is the last four days before an election when political campaigns canvass and phonebank like crazy. Things get super fast paced since it’s the final moments to motivate someone to get to the polls. Until then, I have to be sure to get rest so I’m capable of bringing my best game for GOTV!

Throughout this internship, I’ve been able to find out some very interesting things about myself. At first, I was feeling that a structured day with regular work hours was going to be more comfortable and easy for me, but I’ve found that hours like this really seem to dim the passion and excitement of a campaign. I’ve surprised myself and I really enjoy unexpectedly working until 9:30pm, covered in dirt from canvassing and from being in a dusty parking lot launch for a county fair parade, while also tired after a giggly team meeting with the campaign mascots (always dogs). The structured days are easy, but they simply aren’t as fun. Being on a campaign that has a true race going on, meaning that the candidate could or could not win, is much more motivating than a campaign that is already basically going to win. People seem more excited, and much more driven.  I’ve really enjoyed working for both the campaigns because they’ve allowed me to learn about what governmental change is built upon, and how the process can result in success or failure depending on the motivation and passion of the team. I look forward to the next closing weeks, and can’t wait for the primary election on the 7th!

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