The Presentation #6

My key responsibility during this internship was acting as a supervisor at retail stores across Citi Field during games. Towards the end of my internship, I was offered the opportunity to present to Aramark and Mets executives about any topic I wished. While intimidated by the offer considering I had no previous experience presenting to executives, I gladly accepted. Originally, I expected to have three weeks to prepare before presenting during my last week. Unfortunately, I had less than a week since the other intern was leaving and we both had to present at the same time. Understandably, I was beyond stressed. Following work, I immediately began to brainstorm a topic. But what topic? What original and interesting topic could I possibly present with less than a week of time to prepare? I did not sleep well that night and arrived to work groggy the next morning, feeling disparaged and in a great deal of trouble.

Fortunately, my manager noticed my struggles and was able to suggest a topic: how injuries affect retail sales. Specifically, how much do sales of a certain item decrease, if at all, when a player whose name is on the item gets hurt. Finally, a topic! And an interesting one too! My manager allowed me to spend the entire day on the project, and I quickly set out to gather reports and figures. It was slightly difficult, requiring me to collect several spreadsheets and calculate average profits and sales, but I found the work enjoyable. By the day of the first presentation, I felt fully prepared! I went to the auditorium in the stadium and presented my topic, and felt quite comfortable throughout it all. Following the presentation, I received many compliments for my work and felt very proud. Despite the struggles and time constraints, I pulled together something quite valuable: a great learning experience.

I’ve attached a link below for anyone who would like to view the slides. Feel free to comment your opinions!



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