Advice to Myself 3 Months Ago – #5

As my internship with SpellBound came to a close, one of the post topics made me think about what I would’ve done differently or what I would’ve said to myself when I started my internship 3 months ago.

Since I was part of the Entrepreneurs Leadership Program and I had to take a one semester class learning about “all things startups,” and I had some business experience doing my own things, I felt mostly ready to handle this internship.

This was my first job working for someone else, but I was pretty confident in my ability to do it.

Anyway, I feel like the internship went really well overall, but there are always things that could be improved and that could’ve been done better so here’s a small list of things I would’ve liked to know beforehand:

  • Don’t wear a suit to the interview!– This is something I knew anyway, but my nerves got the best of me so I changed 10 minutes before my interview and came in a full suit. To an interview with a company with an extremely relaxed dress code. They somehow ended up hiring me, but man, what a “great” impression of me.
  • Clarify company goals as early as possible.- I was hired to help with sales and business development, but we didn’t have super clear goals for what needed to be done & I wasn’t 100% sure what we were working towards at the very beginning of my internship. Once this became clear, it was easier to choose what to work on based on looking at the big goal.
  • Be more open!- It usually takes me a while to fully open up to people and feel fully comfortable around them, so the same thing happened here. They told me to “keep SpellBound weird,” and be myself, but I wish I was more comfortable earlier on in the internship because it was so short.
  • Contribute early I started contributing pretty early on in my internship, but I feel like I could’ve done more on my first and second days because that would show them how well other people can understand the company and business model after a short time there, and show me what other holes I had in my knowledge that could be easily fixed. I’m definitely happy with how much I contributed and when I started, but when striving for perfection, every little thing matters.

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