Blog Post #6: Reflection

My internship ended yesterday, and I didn’t expect to feel so strongly about it as I do. During the summer, there were several moments where I was sitting at my desk doing busy work thinking that I could be doing something better. But now I know that moments like those come with just about any job. Lulls happen, and exciting things happen even more often if you seek them out.

The more I got comfortable and talked about what I was passionate about at Gorilla Flicks, the more engaging the conversations were with my co-workers and the more connections I made. Those connections took me around southern California and showed me places I never would have found if I wasn’t looking for them, like the most high class places in Beverly Hills, San Diego Comic Con, San Francisco music festivals, and more.

I leave Gorilla Flicks truly feeling like I gained valuable experience within the field and advanced my networking capabilities. I’m looking forward to next summer, where I plan on coming back to Los Angeles to another company that needs interns! (Hopefully paid this time)


Veronica Slaven

Junior studying Screen Arts & Cultures interning at Gorilla Flicks in Burbank, CA.

One thought on “Blog Post #6: Reflection

  • August 23, 2018 at 10:06 am


    Thanks for this final entry, and congrats on making it to the end of your experience!

    I’m glad that you were able to power past some of the lulls in your time with Gorilla Flicks to glean some real value from the opportunity – I love how you talked about the importance of connections throughout your experience. People are any organization’s greatest asset, and curating and activating the appropriate networks at the right time is a critical skill that will take you extremely far in your professional journey – how may you approach organic networking and connections differently in your next experience to take advantage of the opportunities that a great connection can provide?

    If you’re looking to unpack your experience, or update your professional documents to articulate this experience, please stop by The Hub! I’d love to chat about this experience with you in person – it’s been a pleasure following your progress and learning!



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