Final Takeaway: Looking Ahead | #6

For my final blog post, I want to detail how my perspectives have changed since completing my internship and how my post-graduate goals have developed.

Since working at the Washington Examiner, the way I view the news cycle has changed. Before I started my internship, I viewed current events as a topic for the moment: discussed today but forgotten tomorrow. After working in the commentary section, though, I view news items as pieces of an ongoing story. New developments can carry on a thread of information. When writing about the news, having this perspective is necessary to say anything of value. Short-sighted analysis provides little benefit to the readership of any given publication.

I suppose the most important change in my perspective, though, is that I’m far more interested in pursuing a career in journalism since finishing my internship. As I’ve written before, being able to partake in an ongoing discussion of our current events with both readers and writers is something that I have found extremely rewarding. This process of articulating your own ideas and exposing yourself to different viewpoints is not necessarily a given in most professions. But pursuing a career in writing and journalism requires you to bring something unique to the table; conformity is the surest way to fail.

With that, I just want to say that this summer has been critical to me in both my personal and professional development, and have made friendships and connections that I hope to have as I approach my life after graduation. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the LSA Opportunity Hub for making this experience possible.

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