Opportunities & Where They Come From | 5

Although the time I spent at my internship was primarily directed toward food services, I still managed to learn a lot about the in’s and out’s of the film industry. I bet you’re wondering how.

You see, opportunity comes from the choices you make & the people you talk to.  Even though I was on set for 8 hours a day, only 5 of those 8 hours were dedicated to crafty.  That left me with 3 free hours – 1 in which I ate, and 2 in which I networked. My goal was that by the time my internship was over, I would manage to learn everyone’s name on set & would try to make a good impression so that they would remember mine.

To me, having this goal was a big deal because I’m often shy when it comes to meeting new people & so I don’t always take the initiative to do so. Luckily, I set my fears aside and stepped up to the plate. Although there were many awkward encounters, and I didn’t quite meet my full goal ( I met about 75% of people on set), I still really stepped out of my comfort zone this summer & managed to establish important connections with people in the film industry. One of the encounters even led to an opportunity to intern for one of the most prominent casting directors in LA. (SHE CASTED MOONLIGHT & THE TITANIC?!)

From this and many other enlightening conversations, I realized the importance of networking and how opportunity really does come from the choices you make. I could have spent my free time on set reading a book or keeping to my self, but instead, I decided to do what scared me, and have grown so much because of it.




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