Week of 6/24

While the last 2 weeks have been good, a bunch of new changes took place this week and while they’re exciting, it’s also been a little difficult for a me to adjust. For example, my individual duties have been expanded and now I’m responsible for calling volunteers who want to host events for the campaign and people who want to get involved. In hindsight, I should’ve asked more questions when these duties were added but because I didn’t, I fell behind on some of those new tasks because I was still focused on the ones I had been used to for the last few weeks. I spoke with my supervisor and we both decided that while I just needed some time to adjust, it was also crucial that I begin to delegate more of my responsibilities. So, I’ll now be looking for a couple of interns I already work with who could work alongside me and help cover the areas I’m too busy to take care off.

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