Week of 7/22

I finally feel comfortable in the position I’m in on the campaign! I’ve brought on another intern leader and she is a person of color so I feel confident that she will be able to help better direct our operation in the way we say we would like to but sometimes do not. In this prompt, I wanted to highlight my mentor Nick who has been an amazing resource as I navigate the pitfalls of political organizing and volunteer engagement. He has always been available for any questions I might have or any advice I might seek. He has also been very balanced in guiding me through difficult tasks while still allowing me the freedom to make my own decisions. As I mentioned a couple blogs ago, he was a tremendous help for me when I was adjusting to getting an increase of responsibilities. I’ve learned more about people management and the details of our systems because of Nick, and I believe it will serve me very well in years to come as I continue to learn more and grow within the field of electoral politics.

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