Week of 7/29

This is the week before the primary election and I’m very excited but simultaneously nervous. We’ve worked for months to get the result we want but now we’re nearly out of time and I desperately want the chance to speak to more voters. Overall, I’m very impressed with how my team has performed and I feel satisfied with how I’ve carried out my duties. The main thing I’ve focused on this week has been improving my leadership skills. There have been a lot of people to lead and with high stress, it’s been difficult at times. I’ve learned however, to keep a level head in challenging situations. I’ve found it incredibly important because, as a leader, the people around you look to you for confidence and guidance. What has helped me most is focusing on the most productive thing I can do in the moment instead of simply reacting the way I want to in the situation. For example, we had a few phonebankers on Thursday who didn’t bring laptops (necessary for phonebanking) so instead of stressing too much about it, I decided to have some trusted interns, with their permission, give their laptops to the volunteers to use for the phonebank. It ended up working out because we needed those experienced interns to go around and help the volunteers get set up and answer questions. I think overall, my strategy has worked well and I hope that it will continue to serve me successfully through this next week.

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