Week of 7/8

Since my last entry, I’ve brought on two more interns to help me carry out the responsibilities for our field operation. Their names are Eli and Leila and so far, they’ve done a fantastic job! With just some quick training, they are both handling much of the work that I was doing before getting assigned new tasks. One of the prompts that I saw for this period of the internship was one concerning my identity and how I might be seeing it in a different life. As a passing white, cisgender, heterosexual man, I have a lot of privilege and now that I have more power to influence how our campaign operates, I’d like to bring more people of color to our operation and include them in decision-making circles. I feel that it’s crucial to do this in order to ensure that we are always pushing for equity and inclusion on all levels. I’m glad that Leila can add another marginalized voice to our community as a woman but I’d like to strive for even more inclusion and in the coming weeks, I would like to bring up more interns into leadership positions as needed.

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