Week of 8/5

Unfortunately, despite our hard work throughout the summer, we did not win the election on August 7. Overall, I’m incredibly proud of the work our team accomplished despite all the odds we faced. I believe I grew significantly as a leader and political organizer which will pay dividends when I go on to pursue a career in the field. When I started, I barely felt confident that I could do the tasks I was originally assigned to do but now I feel completely confident that I can not only do what was asked of me by the end of the campaign, but also higher-level positions with even greater responsibility and expertise. Although I was fairly confident that electoral politics was the career field I wanted, I am now very sure that it is where I belong. On a less formal note, I’m happy to say that I’ve also made numerous friends through this campaign who I fully plan to keep in touch with for years to come. Some of them even go to the University of Michigan, so we can see each other again very soon!

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