Influence of the Internship | #6

I have just completed my internship at the Florida State Attorney’s Office, and my division gave me an amazing send-off of a cake and tons of breakfast foods. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern here and meet so many amazing people, and I was sad to leave.

Prior to the internship, my ultimate goal was to apply to philosophy PhD programs after undergrad, and then (hopefully) secure a university job after. If, for some reason, this did not work out, my “backup” plan was to go to law school. After the internship, I still have the same ultimate goal of pursuing a PhD rather than law school after graduation, but I look at a career in law completely differently. Before, this internship, I thought that if I went to law school, that I would be ‘selling out’ in some way, by not pursuing the subject I love and instead going for the career path with better financial prospects. After working at the SAO, I no longer look at a career in law as a backup or as selling out, but instead as another great option. There is so much real-world good that one can do in law, especially public law, that I am confident that I can find a path in law that would be extremely fulfilling. So, although this internship did not necessarily change my career plans, it certainly changed the way that I view a career in law.

Thanks for reading this summer! My internship was awesome and I recommend that anyone with any interest consider an internship at their respective State Attorney’s Office!

Colton K.

Class of 2020 @UM. Interning at the Florida State Attorney's Office in Tampa, FL for the summer of 2018.

One thought on “Influence of the Internship | #6

  • August 29, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    Hi Colton! It sounds like you have been having a very informative summer! You have been able to get your hands on some real law work and have experiences that are educational and unforgettable. Your whole outlook on a career in law even changed! I’d be curious to know what you will do with these lessons and memories when you exit your internship. I highly recommend using the services and resources offered at the Opportunity Hub to help you maximize this internship. Our coaches can help you articulate your experiences in resumes, cover letters, and future interviews. You surely don’t want to forget all of the great things you’ve been learning in Florida, or the people that you’ve connected with. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and we hope to see you at the Hub this fall!


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