It’s All Over [6]

I thought, going into this experience, that it would be one that I do just for the knowledge. One that I wouldn’t completely enjoy but do because I know that it is best for my academic advancement. I thought that all the people would be unhelpful,  only worry about themselves and their experiments, and that I would end up trying to figure out the lab and Chicago/Evanston all by myself. But I have learned to stop assuming the worse in situations, and to give every opportunity an equal chance in terms of a positive perspective. And luckily, in this case, the outcome in terms of experience was better than could be expected.

I can’t deny that I have grown because of this internship. When I was applying, the chances of actually receiving the internship were very small. Out of 200 applicants, there were 12 people chosen for the internship. I felt that the chances of me getting this opportunity were slim. I didn’t have the confidence to believe that I was good enough and deserved to have the internship. Now that I’ve gone through the application, interview, and the actual experience, I realized that I am more than qualified to receive any opportunity that I apply for. Earning an internship that is pretty hard to get at an amazing medical school/research center, I’ve had time to develop my confidence in going for opportunities that are out of my comfort zone. Now I have the positive outlook needed for me to reach higher heights.

When I was starting the internship, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue an MD/PhD or just an MD. Now that I’ve gone through the lab experience and talked to a few doctors and professors, I believe MD is best for me. This internship really helped clear up my path but as far as what I want to do as a doctor, I still feel like I have alot to figure out.



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  • August 27, 2018 at 10:44 am

    Megan, it’s amazing to hear how good your experience was. It sounds like you have gotten so much benefit from this experience, from increased confidence to a supportive mentor to a clear path ahead. As you think about next steps and what you want to do as a doctor, do you have any thoughts for how you might approach figuring this out? If you’d like any support in this planning process, definitely be sure to come in and meet with our Hub Coaches at the LSA Opportunity Hub.

    I do want to acknowledge that this is your 6th post and so you have met your requirement for us. I have sincerely enjoyed reading about and sharing in your positive experience this summer. I hope we get to meet in person at the Hub someday!



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