Last day #6


It’s been a couple days since I’ve been lounging around at home, spending my time trying to get as much out of my couples weeks of break that are left. My internship is over, but not forgotten. This summer has been much better than I anticipated. Between working in the lab, and taking a summer class, I had previously thought that my summer would be rather dull and full of me repeating the same pattern over and over. Thankfully, I was wrong. Doing research independently this summer has been quite a growing experience for me. Yes, I had worked in a lab before and had some prior experience, but never did I expect for them to give me free reign on what to do with my time. With this experience I learned just how difficult and entertaining it is to conduct research. Setting up your own projects, creating protocols on how to accomplish your tasks, doing the same exact thing 3 times and getting 3 unique results, reading all the information that has already been published already in your field, and making unexpected new findings. I’ve become a better scientist through this journey, and also a more appreciative student. Along with the aspect of the actual work, my favorite part of my summer was my peers themselves. During the I spent with them, it felt as if we were all one big family, sharing all the ups and downs together. We shared in celebrations and heartaches as we welcomed new faces, said goodbye to a dear friend as they returned to china, applauded the approval of a paper, sulked as someone lost a father, expressed jubilation as someone became a father.  I can’t wait to return to this lab during the school year, to see my mentor again, to get closer with the undergrads in the lab, and also to continue my research where I left off as it is brimming with potential. This has been a great summer, and a very worthwhile internship to have partaken in.


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