New Friends!! | #3

(I’m transcribing this from a journal entry again! I didn’t have WiFi at the farm so here it is! Written in June!)

I am writing back after my last downer entry with good news! I moved into my new place. I now live with four other girls working at Moy. All are in their twenties, and everyone is from a different place. One girl is from Ireland, one from Rhode Island, one from northern California, and one from France! The new house is a little outdated, but it is a fun place to live right near the ocean. Since being in Ireland, I have come to the realization that the ocean is incredibly healing. Feeling the push/pull of the tide helps me feel completely present. God is a woman, and she is the sea. Lahinch is a surfing town 15 minutes away from the Cliffs of Moher, so there are always people on the beach willing to strike up a conversation. That is another interesting aspect of moving in with four girls; I feel more social in the home, and because of that I look forward to being social in other situations.

Sarah is the other wwoofer that is working with me now. Two Sarahs at the farm is starting to become confusing! Sarah C. is from Rhode Island and is also a rising junior in college. Having a person my age to work with has been a dramatic increase in my mental wellbeing. While doing repetitive and sometimes boring tasks, it makes the day go by quicker when there is someone to banter with. One of my biggest passions in life is talking with other people about the memories/experiences that makes them who they are, and having our hands in the dirt is an added bonus. This past week Sarah and I have talked about zodiac signs,  family dynamics, and so much more. Doing this is helping me realize that whatever I do in the future it has to incorporate talking to people about what makes them tick, and hopefully a garden is thrown in there somehow.

On Thursday after Denise, a chef at Moy, got home from work we decided to drive up to Hag’s Head for sunset with Sarah, Amelie, and I. I had been begging her to drive us up to the Cliffs for sunset a lot. While we were driving up the sun began to set as Elvis’ “Love Me Tender” played on her car radio. In that moment none of us were talking, just listening and observing to the breathtaking Irish countryside. Once we got up to Hag’s Head there was nobody else in sight. We had the whole area to ourselves for sunset. I snuck away from the other three girls to sit on a bluff on my own. I needed to take a moment to take everything in. A moment to thank the universe for bringing me to that very spot, and for continuing to bring me to what I need in the future. That sunset was indescribable.  Pictures or words cannot do it justice. It felt like some majestic presence was dancing along the Atlantic under the Cliffs of Moher. I feel lucky to have witnessed Mama Nature in that way. I hope to get to see it again soon.

Sunset at the Cliffs

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