A day with my oldest mates……

This weekend, I decided to go hang out with my oldest pals – books. Well, it was more of shopping for books and then hanging out lol. It was a refreshing and a very much needed change since I had been disconnected from reading books for some time now.
It started with my visit to Higginbotham’s book store in Nungambakkam. It is one of the oldest bookstores around, having started their operations back in 1844! Yeah, that is pretty old and one does not come across a bookstore this old often!

After that I went once again to Santhome Cathedral, which also happens to be the burial ground for one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas. Then I went to some traditional bookstores – Starmark and Crossword. As unoriginal and common as they come, it was still a relief to finally step into an air-conditioned building and escape the Chennai heat! I always insist on using public transport because of course, it is cheap. But also because public transport is an experience of its own, though one needs to be very cautious of the time of the day one is using it.
One of the books which I got is India after Gandhi. It is a book of history and was written by academic and hence there are no biases but rather, just information for digest. Its hard these days to find a book which is pure and has not been maligned by what the writer thinks of the issues. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who would like to read just to enjoy that knowledge.

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