BHP is here

The students finally arrive tomorrow! The PILOT summer committee is very excited to finally kick off the program that we have been planning for all summer. We’re eager to finally meet all of the students who we have been communicating with and finally get to know them on a more personal level.

The volunteer trainings for BHP always take place the night before, so today was the training for this year’s volunteers. The training went very well, but what I was most excited about were the many volunteers that showed up. I am so excited to see multiple BHP Generation 6 kids arrive and give back to the program they were just a part of the previous year.

This should be BHP experience not like any other!

One thought on “BHP is here

  • August 31, 2018 at 9:08 am

    Hi Ronnie! My name is Peyton and I am an intern at the Hub. I will be following your blog and have enjoyed reading about your experience coordinating PILOT. It is clear that you are very passionate about the program. I cannot believe you memorized all 40 names of the students before meeting them, that is very impressive! You also wrote about how excited you were that many of the BHP volunteers were alumni of the programs. It sounds like the impact of the skills and knowledge is so great that they want to come back and give it back to the next generation of PILOT participants. I hope the actual BHP program ran smoothly (and I look forward to reading about it) !


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