Blog Post Week 1

This year has been an amazing experience already getting to shadow a doctor who is in emergency medicine. To even start this internship, I had to go through lots of tests due to the fact I’d be around lots of different kinds of patients. This jump-started my learning, as I was able to see how different things can affect people just through the air! Emergency medicine is something that I’ve always dreamed about being a part of, and getting the opportunity to shadow a doctor who is doing that is really a dream come true. While growing up, I thought doctors who were in emergency medicine were like the ones in the movies. Now, I know that they handle more than the crazy situations with people gushing blood. From this internship, I have the goal of learning more of the day to day life of someone who does emergency medicine. I want to make sure I learn more about how the body works than just the treatment of the wide variety of patients I will see. I’ve yet to have my first mess-up thankfully. The doctor I’m interning for takes lots of time to explain each part of the process, and I’m just learning as I go.

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