Blog Post Week 2

I’ve had a very different experience than I expected. Being in an emergency room compared to a doctors office is very different from one another. In a doctors office, you’re in and out of different rooms dealing with a lot of the same things. While in an emergency medicine, you can deal with all different types of problems. There are many different rotations you could have while you’re an emergency medicine doctor. That was something I did not know before coming into this internship. The whole focus of emergency medicine is to stabilize the patient. This is very different from my last internship when I was in an office with regular patients. Here, you see the patient just for this moment, when before you have regular patients that you’ve created a relationship with. It’s interesting seeing the interaction of the doctors with their patients in both places. I really like walking around and being in scrubs. I can see myself doing this for a living and it shows the importance of all the studying and work I do during the year. Overall, this internship is exceeding my expectations, and I’m just lucky to have this opportunity. I really couldn’t imagine a better thing to do this summer.

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