Blog Post Week 4

This was a very interesting week. The doctor I shadowed was working in the senior section of the emergency room. This means that all the patients he would see are at least 53 years old. It wasn’t the most exciting and there was no major trauma, however, it was cool to see his relationship with the older patients. He was always very very respectful, but at the same time found a way to bring some humor into the emergency room and help cheer up all of his patients. What made this week so interesting was an interaction I had with an elderly couple who were both suffering from dementia. This was my first time ever actually interacting with anyone suffering from dementia and it was an eye-opening experience. I had no idea just how much this disease effects peoples mind states. This couple had no idea where they were or why they were here. They didn’t know what year it was or even who the president is, they could barely tell us their names! It was a very sad thing to witness but really made me understand the importance of researching and finding cures to diseases like these. As a doctor, I think that is something I would like to do.

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