Above all else, my favorite part of this experience has been the incredible bonds I’ve been able to make with the members of my team. From my volunteers, to the people I worked with day in and day out to organize for this campaign, everyone I came to know through this campaign has become part of a second family that I’ll never forget.

This is different from most working experiences I’ve had before, because while I’ve of course become close with my coworkers on other jobs, nothing has felt quite this connected. In no other job have I met my coworkers’ pets and families, gotten to know them on such a deep level, and had them become such an integral part of my life. Even now that I’m no longer working with my team, I still know when one is taking a trip to Japan, another attending her sister’s bridal shower, and another yet is road tripping across the country. I’m still connected with my friends that I’ve met these past few months, whether I spoke to them a few times when they volunteered, or got to spend 12 hours a day with them while we were in GOTV.

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