De Line Pictures | Hollywood Internship Week 6

This is it, the last week. I fly back home to Michigan tomorrow, and I’m having one last push of LA exploration, beach days and relentless traffic. During my final few shifts at my internship, I had a chance to truly feel the difference I was making at this company. I was reading a science fiction novel to review it, and discovered that it was the most interesting piece of literature I had read in a long time. (I ended up finishing the 450-page novel within 36 hours because it was nearly impossible to put down.) I highly recommended this book in my coverage, and ended up writing a five-page synopsis for it. The next day, Shawn, my supervisor, and Michael, the VP of De Line Pictures reviewed my synopsis and gave me revisions, which hadn’t been done previously in the summer. Shawn revealed that they were about to participate in a bid war against other production companies over the production rights, and they were planning on sending out my synopsis (attached with my name on it) to various well-known, reputed directors. After Donald, the head of the company who is rarely ever seen due to his busy schedule, called me on my cell phone to ask my opinion about the novel, I felt like my words were making even the slightest impact on this company. It made me realize that my ability to craft and formulate my clear opinion on media and storylines has vastly improved over the summer, and I’m incredibly grateful to to be able to articulate my thoughts in more of a well-stated manner.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to take advantage of the beaches in California. After evenings of meeting up with and hanging out with former and current SAC students, my roommate and I took the weekend to venture out to the University of California Santa Barbara, which has arguably one of the prettiest views for a college campus. The cliffs loomed over our heads, the waves crashed under a gentle breeze, and we sat, eating sandwiches from Veggie Grill and convinced ourselves that we were going to live together next summer (which is insanely cool considering we were rooming blind with each other). As I pack up my bags, I’m overcome with a sense of bittersweetness. I am so, so grateful for this summer, and can’t wait to be back in Ann Arbor, and eventually, back in LA.

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