Learning About Leadership~Beijing | #4

Last week I travelled to Shanghai, China for the 2018 ChinaJoy. It is the largest esports expo in China and occurs every year. It is where both large and small esport industry participants come together to offer gamers and fans alike, an experience of a lifetime. In my eyes, it is the Comic-Con of esports. This year our company, Beijing 99 Interactive Entertainment Media Consultants Co. Ltd. was in charge of the IMC Intel booth. This consisted of building a stage, scheduling performers, preparing audience gifts, setting up a tournament, etc. This takes a lot of people and teams to complete. Going there, we had three teams consisting of 4 or more team members. Each with a team leader and our main supervisor. As I observed the teams work, I found that it is not easy to make such a large scale event come together without any issues. Leadership is hard to determine when you have team leaders that have the same power and say. This leads to one trying to lead the other. However, the main client is the one whom they all have to respond to. I found that through this experience it is best to define tasks and team responsibilities so that each team can operate on its end efficiently. It is also best to find team leaders that work well together. This is true for any team effort, but especially for large scale events such as this one. You also have to become your own leader and take charge of the tasks that you have been assigned. Altogether, leadership is both hard to determine in a large setting but also easy to create on your own.

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