Looking Forward

Working on this campaign for the entire summer has only served to drive home how much I want my future career to center around people, and namely people who have been left behind by every other organization that was supposed to help them out. I have stated before that I want to go to law school, and I never knew before what kind of law I wanted to practice, I figured I had a couple of years to figure that out.

However, over the course of this summer, hearing from people whose lives were so tremendously impacted by decisions made by people in closed rooms hundreds of miles away from them, whether it’s healthcare, the weakening or strengthening of unions, housing rights, women’s rights, or anything else under the sun, people’s lives are being helped or harmed by those in power. I know that I need to play a role in that help, and until now it hasn’t been clear to me exactly what that role would be.

After doing a lot of reflecting over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that my heart is all in for organizing, for fighting for the little guy. Everything I want to do in my life and in my career comes down to marginalized people, their material realities, and what we’re doing collectively as a society to better their material realities. This has pushed me to a future perhaps in labor law, or in human rights law, perhaps even legal aid (I met an amazing woman through this campaign who previously worked in a legal aid clinic and the way she described her experience there was everything I could possibly want out of a career). Wherever I end up, I know that my work must be for the people, just like the work I did this summer.

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