Change of Pace #5

The internship is coming to a close very quickly and the time has honestly flown by thanks to the fun as well as work I have been doing. There has been no shortage of work to do while at Birds Nest Foundation, from developing new ideas for videos to reaching out to different non profits to help in any way possible.

Going into this internship I only expected to be doing work related to documentary style film making for non-profits. Although the internship seemed to provide a very limited scope, I was excited since I would get to work in a space I had yet to explore. While doing work for different non-profits has been very rewarding and enlightening, the latest and last assignment given to us has opened the door for an exciting opportunity as well.

We are now tasked with creating a commercial for a product of our choosing. In the assignment, the first one of this kind that Birds Nest is doing, we have to reach out to a company on our own and offer our services as well as executing the entire production process within two weeks. Although it seems like a challenge, I am excited to work on the first commercial and for profit assignment we have received.

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