First week

“Doing work we are proud of”

“Three Lyons Creative is rooted in Detroit. We are sensitive to entrepreneurial growth and therefore move conscientiously and thoughtfully as we make business decisions, take on clients and craft stories. The team has both feet in Detroit, and a respect for the people living in and around it.”

These two blurbs are found on Three Lyons website and they really speak to the things and ideas that I respect about the organization and their impact in the city. They seem to understand the implications about being a new white small business venture in the city of Detroit. However, they are also a family with roots in Detroit, a new baby in the office, and tons of new connections and relationships with people in the city. Thus, by proxy, I feel like I have the opportunity to fit into that family, those connections, and that narrative and I’m really excited about that. Additionally the idea of crafting stories is important to me, but also makes me question the company a little. Do they care about telling truths? Or more about using privilege to “craft” their own narratives about the city? Only time will tell I suppose.

Also I’ve never journaled in my entire life, so this is a totally new experience for me and I don’t really know if there is supposed to be a real format that I follow, and this isn’t normally the way I unpack and process information, but I’m really gonna try to drink the kool-aid and give this a good college try. So yeah, it’s been a rocky start but I’m really excited to get started tomorrow.


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