Week 2 (Physicality)

When I think about the physicality, space, and geography of Three Lyons Creative, it feels orange and hot. I think about the warm weathered burnt bricks on the street of Michigan ave. there in the heart of Corktown. I think about the old tigers stadium right there and all the weathered signage surrounding it that alludes to fun afternoons, good food, and family. My mind takes me to St. Peter’s church in which Three Lyons operate, and there’s plenty of story there too.

The doors are massive and ornate and I can’t help but think about the people who have passed through over the years. Additionally, the juxtaposition of a new and modern film company, along with many other social justice orgs, all being housed in this building is so strange and unique to me. My coworker Lucia actually has family history here as well. Her father was the old pastor and she has tons of stories of growing up in this church which was super cool to hear. It’s a space that reminds me a lot of the Cass Corridor Commons that we are living in actually: church, community center, activism hub. It feels like the center of a lot of really positive action and good work.

I think one of the biggest words (in importance, not length) that I can think of when it comes to this space is Family. The office space is a single room, the paint is chipped, the air is warm, and the shelves are filled with film equipment, important files, and baby toys. My coworkers have all known each other since childhood, and the warm yellow string lights over a large wooden table we all share the workspace of has the fun feeling of old dorm rooms, or low budget office furnishings, and it all just feels very homey.

This does however make things kind of hard, and to an extent, I feel as if I’m inserting myself arbitrarily into someone else’s family, but I guess I’m figuring out the dynamic. It’s also strange because they are still so young. They were arguing for hours one day and it got really heated so I just hunkered down to my editing and it kind of felt like being in a room with my divorced parents. That was a lot, but like the heat of the sun, this internship seems like it can foster growth or it can burn, and I’m just finding a middle ground.

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