What got me into Research over the summer #1


During the winter semester, I was looking for research opportunities in the field of Medicine. There were many options available to me and I wanted to narrow it down, so I figured I should at least pick the city that I want my internship in. I love the city of Ann Arbor and since it was my junior year, I decided to look for an opportunity to work here. It so happens that my friend was telling me about her work at the Isom lab as a research assistant and the purpose of their research in the department of pharmacology. I told my friend that I was very interested in working there and it would be great if I could get the email of her supervisor. A couple of days later, I went in for an interview and I really enjoyed talking to Heather who explained to me the work I will be doing as a research assistant. I work on analyzing segments of microscopic images of the different areas of the brain from mice and I highlight and measure the length and the intensity of the signal from each segment. The main thing that drew me in to this specific opportunity was that I get to learn about a subject that I don’t know much about. Also, during the interview my supervisor, Heather, was very informative and willing to answer questions that I had about the field and the research that was being done in the lab, and it is very important for me that I have a supervisor who is willing to teach me about their field.

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