Why are weddings the best to work at? #3

As an adult, I have only been able to attend one wedding as an invited guest. As an wedding videographer I have attended over 7 weddings this summer alone. I can honestly say working as a videographer for weddings is one of the happiest environments you can be in. Especially if you are spending the day with the bride. Although, there may be stressful situations that happen during the day, the feeling of excitement and happiness is overwhelming and contagious. Also being the videographer our job is just to capture the day as it is happening, the laughter with the bridesmaids, the opening of gifts, the transformations of getting ready, and more. Rarely are things staged or look fake, because it is easy to tell on camera if something is staged. It is also easy as a second-shooter or third-shooter at the wedding to blend into the background and capture the moments that are special between the couple and other people that are close to them.

Working with Visi Productions has also opened me up to all different cultures and different religious types of weddings. It is very interesting and cool to be able to watch different traditions that happen, because each wedding has it’s own quirks and special traditions to it. From chickens being given to one family from the other, to dancing in the bride’s family’s driveway, to the groom jumping on stage and preforming songs with the band. They all have unique things that happen that make their video unique and special for them.

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