A Suggestion to Future Interns | #5

Well, my time here at Merit Network is finally wrapping up and I can’t be any more grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and everything that I have learned this summer. I truly believe that the hands-on training and practical experience has been invaluable and will directly translate to success in my classes this school year. There is one thing that I wish I had done a bit better this summer though. Merit Network may not be a multinational conglomerate of a company, but it is still fairly large with roughly 100 employees working at the headquarters where I was this summer. After a few months here, I felt like I had at least met the majority of people, but as time went on, and now at the end of the year, I realized that that might not actually be the case. This realization culminated at the annual company picnic last week. The picnic was a great way to end the summer, say some goodbyes to the people I had worked with, but also to introduce myself to some others. Through rounds and rounds of euchre, I got to know some of my formerly lesser-known co-workers pretty well (I also found out that some of them are pretty vicious card players!) All-in-all, a great afternoon with some even better company. Before the picnic I felt like I already had expanded my view of Computer Science related careers, but now meeting all of these new people, I think I may have only hit the tip of the iceberg. So meet your coworkers early and introduce yourself often! It might open your eyes to careers you had never considered before.

One thought on “A Suggestion to Future Interns | #5

  • August 30, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Hi Owen,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog posts this summer. I’m even happier to read that you had a great experience at the Merit Network and you’ll be able to connect this back the classroom. I hope you’re able to maintain contact with your colleagues at the Merit Network. Good job this summer!



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