Coworkers | #3

When I accepted the internship position at Saugatuck Yacht Club, I had minimal expectations. I had not yet met my boss in person, I had never seen the facilities, and I had no clue what my coworkers would be like.  Most of all, I worried about the members. Would they act rich and entitled? Would I be treated fairly? Fortunately, all of these concerns were quickly relieved as soon as I began working. I have 2 bosses, Andrew and Lisa, and both are incredible. They are unconditionally supportive and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that our internship experience is meaningful and will be applicable to our desired career paths. The members have been outstanding and immediately made me feel like I was a part of their community, despite the fact that I was initially an outsider. The facilities are beautiful and I love that I can sit on a patio and enjoy views of the Lake while doing my work. But most importantly, I have incredible coworkers. I have never been so fortunate to work with people who are unbelievably dedicated to making one another’s dreams come true. We never turn down each other’s ideas, no matter how ridiculous they may initially seem, which has led us to do some crazy things this summer! Some events have failed, like our Euchre Tournament where only 1 person showed up but others have been wildly successful, such as our movie night where tons of kids arrived with their floaties to watch Finding Dory while floating in the pool. Some of our ideas are simply crazy – such as the Fundraiser we hosted where all the interns competed against each other in a Regatta, even though none of us know how to sail. I am so lucky to be working with people who genuinely see the good in each other’s ideas and pursue them as if they are their own. All of these things have made my internship experience very rewarding and reminded me of how fun working can be if you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

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