Final Reflection | #6

My internship finished recently, and up to now, my summer has been brim filled with new knowledge and experiences about the professional realm. Reflecting on the most important lessons that I’ve learned about the work world, I would have to say connections and how one conducts themselves in a business manner where the most important ones. My mentor and I have continued to stay in touch, even after the internship, due to how close we became, and I can only hope for the best for my fellow interns, in their own endeavors. Overall, this was an action-packed summer that I am very happy that I was able to be a part of!

One thought on “Final Reflection | #6

  • August 30, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Wow – first let me say Congratulations to you on completing your internship! From your posts, it sounds like you had a very impactful living and working experience. I especially appreciate the most recent reflection you shared around the importance of making connections, and how to conduct yourself in a professional setting. Those are both incredibly important life lessons that you will find not only matter much at this current stage in your life and career, but will continue to be instrumental as you grow personally and professionally throughout your life. I’m really happy to hear that you and your mentor have so far stayed in touch — it is wonderful to nurture that relationship! As you prepare to return to campus, I encourage you to consider stopping by the Hub. We have some amazing career coaches who can be a resource for helping you think about how to articulate this experience and the skills you developed onto your resume. They can also help you think about creating a strategy for your next steps, whatever you decide those to be. In the meantime, enjoy the last weekend before classes begin. I wish you all the best this next year and in your future!


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