Final Takeaways | #6

Reflecting on this past summer, I really enjoyed my time interning in the nation’s capitol at The Public Interest Network.

One of my highlights was getting to know all of the other interns. Because we were all around the same age, we had a lot of the same interests and passions. Below is a picture of me and the other interns from the recruiting team.

Interns at The Public Interest Network

It was also exciting learning about all of the progressive ideals my organization fights for. One of the directors, Ed, had a brown bag lunch discussion with all of the interns to talk about the great achievements the organization has made, like getting better clean water protections and fighting for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

My supervisor, Kyle, left me with a quote during my exit interview that I thought is very important to my future at other organizations and companies. “Go hard right from the beginning. Be thought of as a producer that gets stuff done.” I will use this advice in my future endeavors to stand out right from the start.

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