Looking forward #6

My time in Washington, D.C. as a Digital Media and Communications Intern for Business Forward has greatly influenced my future career aspirations and goals, and has shaped how I will look at my next (and final) two years at the University of Michigan.

Going into this summer, I had declared both my majors — political science and communications — but had no clear path or idea of what I wanted to do with those majors. As a result of my internship and my time in Washington, I have begun to develop an idea of what I want to do and who I want to be in my career. My internship allowed me to learn more about the world of public policy, and gave me the opportunity to try multiple tasks, primarily centered in research and programming. While this experience was helpful in giving me a foundation of this type of work, it was also helpful to me in learning how to find my own political voice and learning to write things such as press releases and blog posts, skills that will continue to serve me.

By far the most valuable things I got out of this summer were the experience of living and working in Washington and the people I met. While I do not want to do research as a career, this internship helped me see what doing research was like and helped me realize while I find it interesting, I don’t want to commit to it. I met so many people in D.C. who have done many things throughout their long careers and still intend on doing more, and I loved that. This internship helped show me how many opportunities there are waiting for me.

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