Saying Goodbye #5

I expected the hardest part of my internship to be the beginning. I walked in knowing so little and no one. However, the last weeks of the internship have truly been the hardest, but not for the reasons one may think.

On the very first day I starting interning at the Public Defender’s Office, I was placed with 5 other interns on Joy’s team. I was the only intern who worked five days a week, so I got to talk with everyone. It is undeniable though, that I became closest with Morgen, Mona, and Summer. 

In all honesty, I was intimidated when I met them. They already had such a vibrant dynamic and I was the girl who had to start a week late. They were talking about cases and lunch and I was simply out of the loop.
Maybe they saw my awkwardness, maybe this is what happens when a group of extroverts is thrown together, either way, by the end of the week we were not only fellow interns, but great friends.

Knowing they would be there when I came in at 9 gave me a little extra push to get up in the morning. I’ve lived in Ann Arbor for 3 years and haven’t tried many of the restaurants, but they changed that. Court could be going on hour 6, but we were still spry because of each other.

As the days passed, they soon became an integral part of my life. We all genuinely knew about each other’s lives and cared. It got to the point where, the other interns in the office could distinctly identify us as “Joy’s ducks.”

We were so in sync and the working so much, that August 7th arrived before I knew it. Mona and Summer both had to go back to school. After they left, it was just harder here. There was more work and less laughs in between.

Nevertheless, as my last day nears on Friday, I have become truly grateful to have met such wonderful people at this internship. Even though we all go do different schools, we already have plans to meet at Avalon for another Taco Tuesday soon. I now know for sure this internship would not have been the same without them.

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