Summer Intern Project | Blog #6

In addition to my daily responsibilities as the Bravo & Oxygen Program Planning intern at NBCUniversal, my internship provided me the incredible opportunity to work with a group of other Bravo & Oxygen interns to develop, strategize, research, and market a potential new show for one of the networks. This opportunity not only helped me to get to know some of my fellow interns, but it also allowed me to put my training to a test that culminated in a final presentation to the president of several NBCU Cable Entertainment networks and all of her direct reports.

When we were first notified of this assignment, it seemed very intimidating–we would be put into groups of 3 or 4 and would have to come up with an idea for whichever network we were assigned to. We would then have to come up with a 20 minute presentation covering all aspects of the creation of a new TV show (marketing, digital, development, research, program planning, etc). My group was assigned to come up with a show idea for Oxygen–a true crime network geared towards women viewership; I was immediately excited, as crime storytelling has always excited me.

While I cannot discuss the details of the new show I came up with, I can say that creating it was an incredible process! My team members and I all used our expertise from our own respective departments to create an idea that was crowned winner of the whole competition–which was very flattering coming from the president and all of her direct reports. Even though this assignment could be stressful at times, it was an extremely rewarding experience. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to show my company’s leadership what I learned over my time at NBCU, as well as what could be capable of accomplishing. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am so grateful to have experienced.



Jaime R

Programming Strategy Intern @ CMT/Viacom Media Networks

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  • August 31, 2018 at 11:51 am

    Jaime, this project sounds awesome! Congratulations on winning the competition! That sounds like a great experience that will really be helpful as you continue down the path of this career. Now that you’ve had a few internships, a good next step might be to think about what this means for your future after LSA. What type of job might you want to pursue? Do you want to go to grad school, or work for a bit? Etc. As you think this through, definitely be sure to use Hub resources like coaching and workshops!

    I do want to acknowledge that, as this is your 6th blog post, you have completed your requirement for us. I have enjoyed following your experience this summer and I hope to see you in the Hub soon!



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