Week I and II: Settling into AB

This week I was welcomed to Anheuser-Busch with open arms coming off a 2 day orientation with 179 other interns! Just kidding, I walked into our New York City office to a man that had “no idea” where interns were supposed to go and then motioned to the soon-to-be famous intern picnic table. As I struggled to act normal and cool while waiting for my manager I realized she had emailed me saying she would not be in the office that day! I would be solo my first day on the job. This start was accurate to how Weeks 1 and 2 would develop into as my internship took flight. AB embodies an aggressive sink or swim progression to see if its interns can handle the pressure! Not only did I begin to sink in Week 2 but caught myself making sure that I was on my game as I felt like I was drowning in data. The first two weeks in the city were tough~~ settling into a closet sized room with two stranger roommates who were boys shocked my new beginnings to a tee! The wild city that could spit me up and chew me out was a real thing. Stay tuned for more!


BUDLIGHT being made

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