Week V

Wo! Made it through this week praise the gods. Got a bit bogged down with data looking at internal labor maps but overall was able to pinpoint which gaps I will target for improvements on the female pipeline. The company is beginning to set up some cool stuff for us interns to go to! We got box seats to the Yankees (yanks) game which was sick and went on a field trip to the Newark Brewery to see Budweiser and BUDLIGHT get made.

I feel like AB has many opportunities to improves its diversity and inclusion in which my project is centered upon but if I don’t deliver it will do nothing to help them. In general D&I is a huge gap and they are able to improve with other companies by their side. I was told to look at what other companies are doing for diversity and inclusion initiatives in order to back up my claims on WHY we need to do this NOW. Thinking of using Goldman Sachs and Spotify, stay tuned for what I decide!

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